Tailored Search Strategies for Comprehensive Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analyses

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Embarking on a systematic review can be daunting, here’s how we streamline your path to comprehensive research:

1. Start with Clarity

This is where we delve into your research question and field, setting the stage for your tailored search strategy. We can do this over a video call or just send your research question to us.

2. Dissecting the Query

We break down your research question into core search blocks that serve as the foundation for our search strategy.

3. Strategic Search Design

By combining search blocks with Boolean operators, we capture the literature that forms the backbone of your review.

4. Cross-Database Translation

With the search strategy optimized, we translate it across different database syntaxes and search those database as well ensuring no stone is left unturned.

5. Efficient Deduplication

There is significant overlap between databases, we meticulously remove duplicates, ensuring a clean, undiluted dataset for your review.

6. Literature Delivery

You receive a single, comprehensive file of all relevant literature, neatly compiled with duplicates removed, ready for your analysis.

7. Transparent Reporting

Accompanying files include a detailed logbook and methods description, including PRISMA statements and appendices with tables detailing every step of the search strategy to ensure reproducibility and transparency.

Tools & Software

Finally, we advise on the best AI tools and software for the selection phases, helping you navigate the evidence synthesis with the most efficient technology.

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George is very good at what he does and he gives updates and clear explanations. He adheres to the time schedule. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for an information Specialist or help with literature searches.



George was excellent to work with, he not only aided me with the task but taught me a lot about doing it. I was very pleased with his efforts to communicate despite time zone differences and he made efforts to accomodate my requirements.



Great quality work and very quick to provide the end product.



George did a phenomenal job working on our data collection project. He is diligent, thorough, and overall a pleasure to work with. I strongly recommend him!



Amazing kindly patient and super well prepared! Thanks a lot 🙏🏻



Keen to work and professional. Highly recommended!



Hi George, thank you for the fantastic work you have done for me. Your professionalism, attention to detail, and exceptional quality of work have exceeded my expectations, and I could not be more impressed. Your communication throughout the process was excellent, and your willingness to address any concerns or questions I had made the entire experience stress-free and enjoyable. 🙂



“Highly recommend George. He assisted to modernise some large searches and was quick, efficient and explained everything well.

Great value for money.”



“I am thrilled to share my experience working with George, who has proven to be an invaluable asset to my SR project. His insightful feedback and comments have not only demonstrated a deep understanding of the subject matter but have also significantly enhanced the quality of my work.”



“We resumed our literature search from where we left off last week. The consultation was highly productive, and we made significant progress thanks to George’s proficiency and efficiency in utilizing multiple databases.”



“Solid work and very quick to onboard, look at my project and produce a set of literature for me.”



“My brief consultation with George was exceptionally productive. He demonstrated clear proficiency in systematic review and search strategy. He effectively addressed the issues at hand. George came well-prepared and was punctual. His communication, both during and leading up to the consultation, was excellent. I look forward to progressing in the current work with him.” 



We’d love to work with you:


How do you ensure the quality of your literature search?

How do you ensure the quality of your literature search?
Our search strategies are meticulously designed according to the latest Evidence-based medicine guidelines and PRISMA, utilizing a combination of advanced software and manual oversight to ensure the highest quality results.
Can you handle complex and specific research questions?
Absolutely. We pride ourselves on a personalized approach, crafting custom search strategies that are specifically tailored to the nuances of your unique research question.
Are your search strategies reproducible
Yes, reproducibility is a cornerstone of our service. We provide detailed documentation of our search strategies aligned with the PRISMA statement, ensuring our processes are transparent..
How do you stay updated with the latest research and methodologies?
We continuously update our knowledge and methodologies to stay at the forefront of systematic review best practices, ensuring our clients benefit from the most current and effective search strategies.
What if I have a tight deadline?
We understand the importance of timelines in research and offer expedited services to accommodate tight deadlines, without compromising on the thoroughness and quality of our work.
How do you ensure confidentiality and security of the research?
Client confidentiality and data security are paramount. We adhere to strict confidentiality agreements and employ secure methods for data handling and communication.
What is your policy if the search results are not satisfactory?
We are committed to your satisfaction. If the initial search results do not meet your expectations, we will re-evaluate and refine the search strategy at no additional cost to ensure it aligns with your research goals.

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